Monday, January 10, 2011

A Rose For Melinda

This is one of my favorite books growing up as a teen and it is still a favorite to this day. I guess the reason why this book is such a favorite is because I loved the romance as well as the chemistry between Jessi and Melinda. Plus I thought it was sweet that Jessi and Melinda have been going together since they was 6 years old and in the 1rst grade.  I  thought it was really sweet. It might be babyish to you guys, but I just think its sweet.

On  The  Cover:

 Pretty sweet huh. It shows a picture of a rose with the title of the book and ballet slippers, since Melinda is a ballet dancer. I think this cover is perfect. After all, it starts out with emails and letters , which is basically the whole plot. I think your supposed to imagine what Melinda and Jessi looks like, as well as Bailey and the rest of the gang. Pretty sweet huh.

Plot: It all starts in letters and emails, even diary writings. It talks about Jesse and Melinda being best friends and meeting each other in the first grade. And it also talks about how  Melinda wants to be a ballerina when she grows up, and just how close Jesse and Melinda are. As well as how she became good friends with Bailey and how she got cancer (the leukemia type.)

Here are the characters:

Jesse:  Is the male protagonist of the story who fell in love with Melinda at first site (since they were 6 years old). He wants to be a baseball player at first and play for the Braves, that is until when his parents divorced and now he wants to be a scientist (he took up skateboarding until when Melinda got cancer.) When he was 7 years old his parents split up, and him and his mom moved to California (where she grew up), while his dad moved to New York. He misses Melinda and wants to be with her more than anything. He gets a chance to hang around with her a couple of times, once for a whole week while his mom was finishing up her degree in college, the next when he was visiting his father and told him how much he missed Melinda, and the last when Melinda was dying. He gets to see Melinda one last time and kisses her goodbye before she dies. His birthday is September 11.

Bailey: Is Melinda's best friend who moved  here in Atlanta with her family when Melinda was 11 years old. Bailey loves fashion, boys, and finding true love and her birthday is July 4 (Independence Day)! Bailey is very loyal to her best friend and is there for Melinda whenever Melinda needs help. She's sorta like Rhonda from the Dawn Rochelle series, only smarter and with more sense. Bailey wants to be in the fashion designing business and ends up going to high tech school for that after Melinda dies. She has a huge crush on Jessi, but the feeling is unrequited love. She later gives up falling in love with Jessi after seeing how much Melinda and Jessi love each other and vows to find the right guy for her in the end. Also has divorced parents, and is pretty much ignored by her family (much like Helga's from Hey Arnold.)

Melinda: Is the female protagonist of this story who wants to become a ballerina and wants to go for her dreams. One day she gets a chance when she recieves a letter from her dance teachers saying that she has what she takes to be a ballerina. So she goes to Europe to achieve   her dreams, only to find out that  she has big bruises on her arms and covers them up and dances. Next thing you know she passes out and goes to the hospital, where the doctors find out and tell her that she has cancer (leukemia).  So Melinda spends most of her life fighting the cancer cells and taking drugs to maintain a normal and healthy life. Then Melinda goes home and recieves news that Jessi is coming to visit her. She is in love with Jessi, but she's afraid that Jessi won't love her back after recieving Leukemia. This all becomes a misunderstanding as Jessi ends up kissing her while they spend time together for a week, and Melinda feels relieved. They pretty much end up going out together long distance like. Melinda also gets another chance to perform ballet when her father decides to take the family to Paris for 6 months. It becomes the happiest time in Melinda's life, especially when Jessi comes to visit again during the end of summer and  they spend a lot of time together going to the park and kissing and almost spending the night with each other. Then Melinda finds out that she has cancer again and they ship her back to the hospital, where she decides to get a bone marrow transplant from her mom and later dies after recieving one, with Jessi by her side and loving her as always.

Elana Skye:  Melinda's mom who is willing to do everything for her daughter and supports her dreams in becoming a ballerina. Her and her husband are very supporting of each other and loves their daughter so much. Is very close with her Mom, who dies during the middle of the book, and is also close with Ann, who is  Jessi's mom too.

Lenny Skye: Is  Melinda's dad and Elana's husband  who is very devoted to his family and wants to do everything he can for his family. Works as a pilot and pretty much spends most of his time traveling  to be able to provide financial support for his family.

Ann Rose: Is Jessi's mom who is trying to keep the family together and trying to make sure that her and Jessi are well off after being divorced from Jessi's Father and after being enrolled back in college. Seems to support Jessi in everything and treats the Skyes as if they were her own family.

Jessi's Dad:  Is a man who is divorced from Jessi's mom and who wants to try to reconnect with Jessi and spend as much time with him as he can now that he lives in New York. Is remarried and has two kids from his  second wife. Seems to love Jessi very much and is very supporting of him and Melinda's relationship.

1. It is so hard to snark, not to mention hate this book. I can't find nothing wrong with this book because it's just too good and too sad at the same time. I love all the characters, even the ones that I could hate, like Jessi's father. I just can't hate this book. I love it so much.

2. I feel sorry for all the characters, but out of all the ones I feel sorry for the most, I really feel sorry for Bailey considering that her parents ignore her like shit, her love life is terrible, and the only guy she really fell in love with is into her best friend Melinda. Can't help but feel sorry for Bailey. Plus you gotta give her credit for not trying to steal Melinda's boyfriend away from her and etc. Wish I had a friend like Bailey.

3. Even though Melinda was 15 when she died, I still say that's quite young to die . Plus at least she did got to achieve her dreams twice (she even got to go to Paris, Lucky girl.) . And she got a chance to see her man 3 times. I gotta say that's a good ending right there.

4. Now this is a book I recommend for all those, including parents to read. It's a very touching book  and is now considered a favorite and a classic of mines (Right along with Don't Die, My Love, Till Death Do Us Part, For Better For Worse Forever, One Last Wish: The Legacy: Making Wishes Come True, and The Girl Death Left Behind.)

Great book Lurlene and keep up the good work.