Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Prey by Lurlene Mcdaniel

Yes I take requests. And sorry if I haven't  been posting in a while. Things have been kind of hectic lately and I feel as if I've been going in a whirlwind. But anyways I'm back and alive as ever.

This post is dedicated to londonrasb, who wanted me to do a review based on this book and who's a huge Lurlene Mcdaniel fan. Londonrasb, it's your lucky day because here's the review you requested. (if you want to make any more requests just let me know and i'll see what I can do.)

ok on with the cover:
 Pretty awesome cover huh? It shows a shadowy like form of a woman( probably Lori Settles), trying to take off her heels and probably getting ready to have sex with the intended victim like Ryan. It also shows the picture of an apple and a couple of stacks of books and a desk. Pretty fitting if you ask me.


Ryan: Is just an average 15 year old high school student with only one thing in his mind: To get a car for his 16th birthday. Its so that he can have freedom to cruise around and not depend on his friends too much and taking the bus to go to places. He also has a father who's a total workaholic and a mom who killed herself years ago and who Ryan barely remembers. Well things change once hot teacher Ms. Lori Settles soon moves in one day and practically has all the boys lusting after her and wanting to get inside her skirt, most especially the girls coach Mr. Mathers, who wants to date Lori and etc.

Things become even more crazy when Ryan soon begins having an affair with Lori and soon starts having sex with her, much to Lori's liking. But this starts changing Ryan's life for the worse when he soon starts drifting away from his friends, most especially his good friend Honey, who is in love with him, and also getting into beefs with his dad, who constantly worries about Ryan and wants to keep in contact with him. But all Ryan can think about is Lori Settles and he wants to make Lori happy and spend time together with Lori, to the point when Honey soon finds out about Lori's and Ryan's relationship and turns them in, especially after she discovers some personal items in his room and etc.

So now Lori is in jail and Lori and Ryan are ordered to stay away from each other and go to therapy and etc. But Ryan is still secretly seeing Lori, only now he is 18 years old and with a car now. And he decided to go into community college too and also becoming popular with the boys and girls and earning a reputation while also labeled as the victim of Lori's "targets" and etc.

Lori: Is new to Georgia and is the total talk around the school, especially with the men. Lori is in love with Ryan and wants to have sex with him while also keeping a low profile and pretending to be a school teacher and etc. She totally hates grown men, mainly due to her father raping her as a child and sexually abusing her while the mother stands there and does nothing, so she hates the mom too. Lori is famous for wearing stilettos to class and being the boys sex goddess. All this change when Lori is ordered to change her outfit due to giving the students and parents the wrong message. But Lori doesn't mind as long as she can still be with Ryan.

Things turn for the worse when Lori is arrested for having sex with Ryan, who was 15 at the time and a minor and Lori ends up cutting herself. Turns out that Lori is bi polar and she's been abused by her dad for years while the mother does nothing which explains why Lori's been craving for younger men and hating boys. Lori ends up spending 6 months in jail and months of probation while also ordered to stay away from Ryan and being fired from school and now labeled as a sex offender and a predator. But Lori and Ryan are still seeing each other and it shows Lori secretly going out with Ryan while also covering up her identity.

Honey: Is Ryan's best friend who's known Ryan for years, since 2nd grade. Honey has a huge crush on Ryan, but Ryan only thinks of her as a friend. Honey hates Lori Settles, their new high school social studies teacher, because she gains Ryan's attention and makes all the boys practically lust over her. But things change when Honey thinks that Ryan is having an affair with someone else. It later turns out to be true when Honey finds a necklace soon notices a necklace around Lori's neck, which turns out to be Ryan's necklace, which makes Honey vomit and immediately hating Ryan and Lori.

So Honey snoops around and prints out emails to the principal Ms. Dexter, and soon has Lori arrested and Ryan in trouble now. And now Ryan totally hates her ass and doesn't want to be friends with her anymore. It ends with Honey moving away to another neighborhood and enrolling in an all girls private school. And Ryan secretly missing her but at the same time hating her ass and loving Lori more.

The End!

1. O My Gosh! Where to Begin.. Ok All I can say is man does this book really have you thinking what goes on in our school systems and that it does happen in real life. This book is definitely a favorite of mines. I guess because stuff like this does happen and it's nice to see Lurlene writing something that doesn't deal with death and sadness all the time.
2. Apparently Ryan's lost his virginity since he was 7 years old and that Lori wasn't the first girl that he had sex with. In fact, he had sex with a lot of girls before her. But he loves Lori instead. Yeah what a total creep.
3. I kinda feel sorry for Lori even if she was a sex offender and stuff. I mean who doesn't want to have sex and date with someone younger than their age. Not to mention the girl was sexually abused and stuff. Can't help but feel sorry for the chick.
4. Seriously, who would get in trouble for wearing stilettos to class. There is nothing wrong with that. It's not like she was dressing up as a hooker.
5. That Ms. Drexter is a bitch and a total cow. I mean threatening someone to change their appearance and look like an old lady. What a bitch indeed.
6. Pattern here: If the mom is dead and used suicide as a way to feed off her depression, The Dad ends up becoming the workaholic and act like total douchebags. This happens in this book when Ryan's dad is a total workaholic and has a mom who was totally depressed and ended up killing herself. It happens in the book For Better For Worse Forever too.
7. Another Lurlene Pattern : Working class mothers are total bitches. Honey's mom works and has a child who is autistic. Definite sign of a working class mom.
8. I would feel sorry for Honey, considering that the guy she loves is a total pig and is screwing his teacher like a sex object. But yet Honey should of just minded her own business so that way Ryan and Lori would eventually get caught in their own way and maybe Ryan wouldn't end up hating her ass and etc. So she's to blame also.
9. I think Lori is based off of Debra Lafave with the way she's described here. Only Debra was a blonde. And that Lori's and Ryan's relationship is based off of Mary Kay Letournau's relationship with her student Stu, who is now married to her and etc.
10. Did I mention like Debra, Lori didn't have to stay in prison for a long time, due to everyone thinking that she's beautiful and etc. But she has to stay away from public schools and is now labeled as a sex offender and etc.
11. Nowadays people would call Lori as a cougar and would still eventually hate her ass.
12. Mariah Carey and Madonna should take notes on this and learn from Lori and Ryan.

sorry for the long post, but this book was so raw I had no choice but to do it. Not to mention it's now a favorite of mines.  


  1. Okay you have no idea how excited I was to see this. I loved prey and I too ended up feeling bad for lori....I felt ryan was as much a sexual predator as lori but my sister felt the opposite. She felt bad for ryan for reasons I still don't understand. I also really disliked honey...he will never love you honey. Thank you so much for recapping this

  2. I do think it's unfortunate that Lori was abused, maybe if she had gone more into that it would explain why Lori was the way she was. To me it was only hinted here and there. But even so, the way her thoughts were on Ryan were just... like she was going to go in for the kill or something.

    Of all the characters, I disliked Honey the most. One for snooping around Ryan's room and so what if he had a girlfriend? How was that her business. I was a bit relieved that she told on Lori and Ryan but at the same time, that too was none of her business.

    I don't know, this book just made me really mad lol.

    Great review though! And thanks for stopping by my blog!