Sunday, October 31, 2010


Well, since Halloween is eventually over with and since my job is done for, I'm back to posting once more. Also, I'm well again and basically alive to also continue posting and doing other things in life too.

Be on the lookout for Prey, which is Lurlene's bestselling novel since Don't Die, My Love. Also be on the lookout for A very special One Last Wish book too, only it will be a surprise.

I just thought I'd let you know that I'll still be posting and that I am not abandoning this  blog ( even though my other blog is more popular than this one.). But I'm not going to abandon this blog and that I will be posting again.

Anyways see you soon and Happy Holidays ^_^

Monday, October 18, 2010

Last Dance

Sorry if  I   haven't been blogging in a while. I just gotten a job, not to mention trying to keep up with my other blog. And to top it off I have a cold, and I'm trying to rest up for a while. But anyways I thought I'd put up one blog while I'm resting and recovering. Just so that you guys will be entertained.

On the Cover:
Like it? Its a cover of ballet slippers with a pink rose and the title of the book all on the cover. And if you check the back of the cover, you would see a young ballerina rubbing her legs , pretty much replying if those dance routines are hurting her legs, or that she has diabetes. Either way, she's rubbing her legs. Nice. Anyways on with the book.

Plot: Rachel Derring is a young 13 year old who loves ballet and hates her sister Chris, and a girl named Melanie in her ballet class. She has a teacher named Madame Pershaff who totally works her ass off and wants Rachel to become a serious and dedicated ballet star. And Chris and Rachel's mom is a total cow who likes to work her daughters off and make them take ballet classes and other activities. A real pushover and a total Mrs. Prezzioso with some mixture of Rosie Wilder's mom and Mrs. Perkins.

Well one day, Rachel becomes very tired and thirsty and decides to skip doctor's appointment just to go to ballet class. Next thing you know, she passes out and   lands in the hospital. The doctors later diagnose her as a Type 1 diabetic. She has to take shots everyday and check her insulin and eat dietary foods. And she can't take ballet for awhile until she takes control of her illness.

So Rachel spends her time crying her ass off and acting like a little bitch, until she meets a boy named Shawn Mclauglin, who is cute and also a diabetic. Shawn's been a diabetic since he was 4 years old and pretty much acts as if its nothing. Shawn pretty much helps her out through this ordeal and Rachel later learns to take control of her illness and live a better life now that she's a diabetic.

Then Rachel learns that her doctor, Dr. Malar , is a diabetic also and soon looks up to him like a father figure. Rachel also learns that the role of the Dying Swan has been giving to her rival Melanie, due to Rachel being sick and all. So Rachel quits, and everyone chews her ass off about it. Rachel later joins the diabetic group and soon dates Shawn Mclauglin.

They later go to the dance and learn that Brandon, a boy who Rachel was lusting for, is a jerk, when he dumps Melanie to go hang out with Rachel. But Rachel rejects him after learning what he's really like. Later on Rachel goes back to ballet class, now seeing how pathetic and desperate Melanie is, and now that she's in control of her life. So Rachel later goes to audition tryouts in New York with her teacher and later learns that she's been accepted to enroll at the choice of her dreamsfor 6 weeks and on a scholarship. Rachel wants to go, but her mom is being a total bitch about it and refuses to let her go.

So Rachel and her parents go to Dr. Malar to talk about this, and Dr. Malar encourages them to let Rachel go, which they do, but then they go to the Mclaughlins to see about it, and they encourage them to let Rachel go after sharing some heart to heart with Mrs. Mclauglin about what it was like letting their son go off and stuff. So the book ends with Rachel going to the love of her dreams, Ballet School of Performing Arts, and feeling confident of herself and going out with Shawn. The End.

Thoughts on This Book:
1. I really do not like this book. First of all, Rachel was whiny and annoying, but quite realistic but still annoying. Second of all, her parents are total pushover typos. And man, is her sister a little bitch and that Madame Pershaff is a real overachiever drag. Yep, definitely despise this book.
2. You'd think the girl would at least have the common sense to go to the bathroom but no, she just sits there and go on with practice. Yeah, that's one way of giving yourself kidney failure Rachel, and no amount of doctors can help you with that one.
3. You would also think the girl would give up on ballet practices after nearly killing herself with routines and sipping out doctor's appointments. Not a very smart move indeed Rachel. That's actually pretty stupid.
4. If I were Rachel, I would of at least value my health over my career in ballet anyways. That way I could still be alive and still recovering from certain illnesses like diabetes.
5.Um sweetie, If a guy hasn't been paying attention to you and talks shit about you in front of your rival then he's so not worth the wait. In fact, I'd pick Shawn over Brandon anyday. He seems really hot for a diabetic guy.
6. I thought that Jenny would have the brains to at least drop Ben after seeing him treat Rachel like shit but no, she's still going out with him. I wonder why Rachel is still friends with her.
7. If your daughter doesn't want to go to the damn play, Don't MAKE HER GO! Gheesh what is up with parents in these books.
8. And also, I agree with Mrs. Mclauglin. If your child wants to go off somewhere and you don't feel comfortable sending her/him off by themselves, just go with them. Not only because then you'll know that your child  is safe, but also, it can take your mind off of things for a couple of days. Not to mention you can do some traveling for yourself.
9. Ok well the only ones I like in this  book is Shawn, Jenny(despite being a total ditz), Mr. Deering(he wasn't that much of a pushover like his wife), Dr. Malar, and The Mclauglins.

Overall , really boring book and totally stupid book too. I hate this book. Lurlene you can do much better than this.  

Friday, October 8, 2010

How Do I Love Thee: Three Stories

I decided to do a blog post based on this book because I honesty thought it was really good. Not only that but the story focuses on star crossed lovers who is brought together by tragedy and illness. Not to mention it focuses on one poem and that's the famous poem that's written by Elizabeth Barrett  Browning. Here Goes The Poem. Pay Attention to it as it will become very important later on:

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I love thee to the depth and breadth and height

My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight

For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.

I love thee to the level of everyday's

Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.

I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;

I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.

I love thee with a passion put to use

In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith.

I love thee with a love I seemed to lose

With my lost saints, --- I love thee with the breath,

Smiles, tears, of all my life! --- and, if God choose,

I shall but love thee better after death.

Pretty cool huh? It becomes a very important highlight later on in the books.
Cover Art:
Isn't the cover art really beautiful. Ok it shows a picture of two lovers with their arms around each other while at the beach, looking like they're getting ready to kiss even though we don't know who they are since they're in the shadows and etc. Not to mention the picture is surrounded by white rose petals and pink and blue color textbooks. Pretty sweet cover.

Ok On with the story. The Story is going to be set up differently since its in a 3 part story line. Here Goes

Night Vision: Its about a boy named Brett who is new to Massachussetts and just moved from Kentucky to try to find a better life, since he survived cancer and is living with his mom, who is a total bitch and likes to snap at him, but is at least supportive of him and lets him live an independent life despite having cancer. Anyways Brent is new and one day he discovers a young girl by the name of Shayla, who is pretty much like an outsider and only comes out at night. Brent wants to know why she only comes out at night, but is too busy trying to hold his life down and going to treatments and etc. So one day he decides to Meet Shayla and ask her information about her life. She later tells him the truth and tells him that she has a disorder called Xeroderma Pigmentosum , Which causes their DNA to not repair and making them very allergic to the sunlight. So the doctors call them "Children Of The Moon" and pretty much has the parents to shield everything away from the sun and making it lightproof. Otherwise they could get skin cancer and die. Anyways, Brett falls in love with her and soon tells her the news himself : He Also Has Cancer. Apparently Brett's been diagnosed with cancer since he was 12, and had to go through treatments and all. Not to mention his dad was a huge asshole who left him when he was 12 too. The mom stuck by him and supported him through everything but still acts like a bitch most of the time. Anyways, the two would later date and meet Brett's new friends Doug, Sandy and the others. Sandy has a crush on Brett, but its never confirmed. And Brett and Shayla would continue to date until Shayla goes out one day and gets into a accident while the sun is up. Shayla later goes to the hospital and dies. Brett mourns for her and the family bury her in a nice plot where the sun is always up. Brett soon recites the famous poem that Shayla's parents gave to him after her funeral. End of that one.

Bobby's Girl: Dana is a 17 year old girl who is dating Bobby Harrod, brother of legendary star Steve Harrod, who Dana secretly dated two summers ago. One day Steve comes home to visit, and Dana is torn between loving Bobby and falling in love with Steve again. So Dana pretends to not notice Steve and remain loyal to Bobby despite falling in love with his brother. Steve does the same thing, although he tries to win Dana over again and this time the two hit it off. Bobby pretty much acts clueless, but does love his brother while the parents act like total jerks to Bobby and pretty much treat Bobby like an outcast. Despite the fact that the parents love Steve and hate Bobby, Bobby still loves his brother and is not jealous of Steve. Dana notices the same thing and still acts loyal to Bobby.    Well one day Steve gets sick and ends up in  the hospital. The doctors soon diagnose him with brain tumor and he doesn't have much time to live. So Steve requests that he spends time with Dana alone, and Bobby accepts it, despite Steve and Dana being surpised by Bobby's actions. Dana and Steve spend lots of time together at the beach. Then one day Steve dies and Dana and Bobby soon cry over his funeral. Later on in the end, Bobby and Dana soon broke up after the end of high school and eventually go their seperate ways. Dana goes to Julliard while Bobby goes to Cal Tech. Dana later reads the famous love poem while also reading a note from Bobby saying he knows about Steve and Dana's relationship, but he still loves her. The End!

Laura's Heart:
It's  about a 16 year old girl named Laura who has a weak heart condition and wishes she lived a normal life for a change. While in the hospital awaiting for news of her heart diagnosis, Laura meets a younger guy by the name of Ramon, who is Latino and very cute. And he's in love with Laura. While the two hit it off right away, Ramon is caught by Laura's mom who decides to block Laura from seeing Ramon. Turns out Ramon lived a life as a street gangsta and has trouble with the law and stuff. He even spent some years in a juvenile home because of that. But Ramon is trying to live a better life and is working as an orderly at the hospital. Well Laura's parents still hate Ramon for living a bad life and restrains Laura from seeing Ramon. Well, one day Laura decides to go and see Ramon while riding with Betsy, Laura's friend from high school. Ramon decides to tell Laura all about his life, saying it's not easy living on the streets and that he's already lost a few best friends and a brother due to his life on the streets. He's really trying to live a better life outside the street and he wants to marry Laura someday when he gets an opportunity. Laura falls in love with him and soon accepts his proposal. But things start to change when Laura's father is offered a job in Mississippi and decides to move Laura and his family down there. Laura doesn't want to move, but has no choice. But things soon begin turning around when Laura is offered a new heart transplant by an unknown source. Laura now has a new heart inside of her. But Laura soon knows the sad truth: She Has Ramon's Heart Inside Of Her!  Turns out Ramon was gunned down while working at his second job at a grocery store in the streets. He died later at the hospital. Shortly before he died, he decided to become an organ donor and donate his heart to Laura, since she needed one so badly and because he loves her. Ramon's organs also saved 5 people on the night that he died. So he sorta became a hero. Laura is heartbroken and doesn't want to live knowing that Ramon's heart is lying inside of her.  But Laura soon recieves a letter from Ramon explaining that he knew his life would  end badly and that he's in a better place now, waiting for her. And that he wants Laura to continue on living for him and to know that he loves her and that he will always be with her now that she has his heart inside of her, Literally. So now Laura decides to continue on living and is now focused on living her life and remembering Ramon as always.

Thats the end of this book. Hope you like it.

1. Why is the parents such assholes in the book! I mean Brett's mom was an asshole, Bobby's parents were assholes. And Laura's parents were the biggest assholes to walk on the face of Earth. The parents were total assholes in the book.
2. I really felt sorry for Bobby in this book. Not only were Bobby's parents such assholes in this book, but his girlfriend Dana is in love with his brother while the brother is sick and dying . Yeah I really do feel sorry for the kid in this book.
3. Bobby's family reminds me of Helga's family in Hey Arnold. Especially when it comes to Olga.
4. Ha ha I loved the way Bobby had shocked Dana and Steve by telling them he already knows about their relationship. But you gotta give him props for not hating his brother and Dana for decieving him and making him think that he's a loser.
5. I would call Dana a slut here but I don't think its necessary. Cause she does care for Bobby and seeing how the kid is treated at home, I don't blame her.
6. I do feel sorry for Shayla, considering the fact that she's allergic to the sun and can't come out at the daytime. Not to mention being treated like a freak. But Shayla's parents are cool though, unlike Brent's mom.
7. I really hate Laura's family. Not only because they were total pricks but because they didn't want her daughter being happy and hated Ramon just because he lived a life in the streets. 
8. You know, just because a person lived a life in the streets doesn't mean they're a bad influence Laura's parents. I mean all Ramon was trying to do was live a ordinary life and turn his life away from the streets.
9. I think Ramon and Laura would of made it as a couple. If it wasn't for Laura's parents at least.
10. I really like this book despite the parents being total dicks in the story . I think my favorite is "Bobby's Girl" despite how everyone treated Bobby.