Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mother, Please Don't Die

this is a book that ive been reading for ages and one where it practically reminds me of how much the main character reminded me of Kristy Thomas from The Baby Sitters Club, as well as Helga G. Pataki from Hey Arnold. But hey that's just me. Anyway on to the cover:

On The Cover:

Hard to tell which one is the mother and which one is the daughter but all I can say is that the both of them look really gorgeous, even though you cant see their faces most of the time. But like I said, its probably just me.

Plot:  Megan McCaffey is a 13 year old Southern girl living her life in Charleston, South Carolina and trying to live her life independently while also remaining a child, especially since her older sister Audrey is getting married  and generally acts like such a bitch to Megan most of the time. May I add that Audrey is a Southern belle perfectionist also? So like Olga Pataki from Hey Arnold.

Anyways life is quite peaceful at the McCaffey's house until her mom suffers from having headaches all the time and has to go to a hospital to see what's wrong. Turns out the mom has a brain tumor growing inside her head, basically causing the "headaches". So they decided to give her radiation treatments and also doing surgery on her head to remove the tumor.

When the mom's tumor returns once more, especially after she goes blind, the family decides to put her up on hospice and spend as much time with her as they can. Meanwhile Audrey and Brent decided to get married in March instead of  June so that the mommy can still be alive and still see Audrey and Brent off too. After the wedding the mom goes back to hospice and goes into a coma and dies, leaving Audrey to cry for the first time and Megan and Thad, their brother to become miserable.

And if that's not enough for Megan Sue, her life with John Paul is changing before her eyes as she starts developing feelings for John Paul, who is Native American and good looking by the way. But things don't trun out quite so good, especially when develops a certain jealousy towards Becky too when it came to John Paul.  But things do work out later on when John Paul soon challenges her to a race and wins and then later confesses his feelings towards her, in which she returns with a kiss on the lips. They eventually go out in this book and later talk about their misadventures together while also moving on towards life now that the mom is dead and her sister is married and has a baby too. That's basically it.

1. Man is Audrey so annoying in this book. She's like Olga Pataki from Hey Arnold, only not so smart and overly talented, and she sucks at cooking. Plus the McCaffey's are not horrible like the Pataki family are. Their quite the opposite in fact.

2. Man is John Paul hot in this book for a 13 year old Native American. In fact I  find that very sexy. So putting him on my list of fictional crushes, right along with Brent Chandler from the Dawn Rochelle series.

3. Becky is also a Southern belle perfectionist snob too just like Audrey. And a 13 year old version of Karen Brewer. Only much more spoiled and Southern. ANNOYING TOO.

4. Im beginning to like this great grandmother of Megan's for some odd reason. I guess its because she sounds cool and anyone that burns a house down just cause she doesnt want any racist southerners living on her farm sounds really cool.

5. Seriously, WTF is up with the Southern Civil war names? Audrey, Megan Sue and Thaddeus? Thaddeus of all people? Is Lurlene a fan of the Civil War or something? Or maybe the Southern Confederate States? With the way she talked about the slaves and stuff it makes you want to guess or often wonder.

6. Pattern in Lurlene Mcdaniel's books( At least older ones): If your a protagonist of the older books and still alive, and younger too, you will fall in love with your best friend that's a guy and have feelings for him. But your other best friend who is a girl will have feelings for him too and will eventually end up dating him in the end while you deal with the pain by yourself.  It's in this book and it's also in books like The Girl Death Left Behind, Briana's Gift, and Please Don't Die

7. Another Lurlene McDaniel pattern: All of the earlier protagonists were 13 years old and survivors. They didn't have illnesses either. Just family members and loved ones. Ironic isnt it. I guess Lurlene was targeting it at preteens first before going into teenagers.

8. Megan reminds me so much of Kristy Thomas in the Baby Sitters Club. Only difference is that Megan isn't gross or immature like Kristy and actually acts like a realistic tomboy . She also acts cooler too. Maybe Kristy should learn a thing or too from Megan since theyre both the same age and very alike.

9. Kristy and Bart should also learn from Megan and John Paul. Same with Logan and Mary Anne when it comes to personal matters as well as dating.

10. I'm glad  Megan and John Paul are at least dating and stuff without losing their friendship in a way. Cause usually most of these characters in Lurlene's book doesnt have a lasting relationship since their all dying and stuff but it is nice to see Megan and John to be dating without somehow ruining their friendship too. Really makes it seem so special instead of sad.

I really like this book. In fact this is one of my favorites from back in the day before Lurlene went into the dying and dying franchise. I guess cause I was a lot like Megan growing up or this book really is inspiring. Oh well. On to the next book.    

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Horse For Mandy

This is one of Lurlene's oldest books and one of the older books that are published by Dalby Creek Publishing. This book was made around 1981 , which would make it almost 30 years old and Lurlene to start writing at probably the age of 30 something since she's in her 60's (She was born in 1948 and her zodiac sign is an Aries).

ok on with the cover:
Ok why does Mandy looks like she is either 14 or 15. Mainly 15 and she's 13 years old. I also realize she looks like a shorter hair version of stacey just in a way. Here it shows her with a Paso Fino, a rare type of horse. And she seems really happy that she got the horse considering the fact that her father is a widower, and that she got the horse on her birthday.

Now this is the cover that I have. And Mandy looks a little like Sara Gilbert, but much cuter. And she also looks 15 instead of 13 also. Here it shows her thinking about how much her friendship with Laura has changed and probably wishes that things could stay the same again. And it also shows her horse Solana also. Who is a Paso Fino, a rare type of horse.

Mandy is 13 years old and is celebrating her birthday with her best friend Laura, who is like the Stacey McGill in this book. Her and Laura have been best friends since 3rd grade and basically share everything together. Laura is also rich and owns tons of horses, including a horse named Diablo, who she always rides with and enters into the horse derby with every year.

Well, one day, Mandy's father, who is a veterinarion, buys her a horse for her birthday since she is responsible and mature for her age. And Laura's jealous of it. Laura starts acting like a real bitch towards Mandy especially when a new boy named David shows up and helps Laura's family out during the summers while he's away with his uncle.

Laura and Mandy have a huge crush on David. But David begins to make moves towards Laura, which pisses Mandy off. But despite the fact that she's hurt over David's flirtation with Laura, she still acts like a cool friend and really focuses on her horse than to try to think of ways on how to score David and keep him from ever making a move on Laura.

Things become pretty intense, as Mandy's horse named Solana starts having problems in her leg and her father diagnoses it as being Flounder, which is a strange condition in horses. Sort of like Arthritis. Mandy becomes deeply hurt and tries to think of ways to help keep Solana alive, especially since her friend is being a little bitch to her. And this comes to a head when Mandy snaps at Laura for treating her like shit and practically acting all jealous over her horse, which causes Laura to cry and soon say some awful things and then leave.

Next thing you know, Laura's parents come by with the news that Laura has run away and she took her horse Diablo with her. Mandy immediately begans to cry and soon starts getting worried about what she can do to help find Laura. Her father suggests she stay at home while they take care of the search, stating that it gets very dangerous at night, and that he doesn't want to lose her also.

Mandy goes off and search anyways and soon finds Laura all cold and badly injured. Turns out her horse fell and throw her off, making her unconscious and left nearly freezing her ass off. Mandy soon apologizes for the way she acted towards Laura, and Laura confess in being jealous cause Mandy got a horse now, and that they'll no longer share and take turns on riding Diablo. Also turns out that David was really more interested in Mandy than he was in Laura because all David would talk about is Mandy. The girls later make up just in time to see Mandy's father rescuing the girls and taking them home. They later send out an ambulence to take Laura to the hospital and later on it shows Mandy and Laura making up and promise to never let things come between them again, and Mandy also entering Diablo for the horse derby in Laura's place and Mandy now going out with David. The End!

Thoughts on A Horse For Mandy:
1. This book was ok but it was kinda boring. It's like The Saddle Club only less fun and also mainly focused on Mandy and Laura's friendship.

2.Why for some odd reason does David remind me so much of Logan Bruno in a way? Well at least back when Logan was nice and not so much of an asshole like he would later become in the series.

3. This definitely should be used for a BSC plot, only with Jessi and Mallory since they love horses so much.

4. I'm sorry, but Laura was an ass in this book. If I were Mandy, I would of left her out in the cold. That way she can stop being such a bitch to Mandy, and also learn to start acting more nicer to people. That way people can like her sorry ass instead of hating her.

5. I noticed that Lurlene's older books were about 13 year olds. This one as well as the book Sometimes Love isnt Strong Enough, Why Did She Have To Die, My Secret Boyfriend, The Last Dance, Mother Please Don't Die, and Six Months To Live. Looks like Lurlene was trying to aim it at younger kids before switching it to adults. That's also a Lurlene Pattern if you think about it.

6. Another Lurlene pattern: You and your best friend will have a crush on the same guy, but the guy will pick your best friend over you. This book is one example. Another example is the book Briana's Gift. Same with The Girl Death Left Behind. Also Mother, Please Don't Die.

7. At least the horse didn't die in this book. Actually No one dies in this book which is very rare in Lurlene's world.

8. I definitely want a horse for a pet after reading this book. But horses are very expensive. Oh well. Later ^_^  

Friday, September 17, 2010

Dawn Rochelle Book 5: To Live Again

Surprise! The last book of the Dawn Rochelle series. Thought that the last book No Time To Cry would be the last book in the series? Think again!  This is actually the last book in the series due to a large amount of fans requesting that Lurlene would write one more book based on Dawn's life. My guess is that a lot of Dawn/Jake fans wanted to hear more about Dawn and Jake hooking up.

And By the way, I'm well again after having 3 weeks of the common cold as well as sinus allergies, which runs in my family. So I'll continue to write more blogs based on the Lurlene Mcdaniel books as well as my other blog, The BabySitters Club Series. Im glad this book will be done with so that way I could focus on maybe doing the One Last Wish series. Anyways on to the book.

Cover Art:

For Once, Dawn looks like her actual age and looks exactly the way I picture her. It shows Dawn looking quite happy but also uncertain about graduating high school. It also shows a couple of people in the background wearing graduation gowns and standing in line. Not much to snark on this one. This is also the only cover art I could find on the web too. Like I said, not much to snark on this cover art.

Plot: Dawn Rochelle is in her senior year now. She's pretty much through with cancer after being in remission for 4 years since she was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 13. And because of the fact that she's had cancer, her social life was on the low side, and the only friends she's got is her brother Rob, who is now married to Katie, Dawn's nurse who Rob got engaged to in the previous book, and her friend Rhonda, who is pretty much the Claudia Kishi in the Dawn Rochelle series.

Dawn has also lost a great deal of friends due to cancer, mainly her  friend Sandy and her friend Marlee, who she befriended at summer camp when she was working as a camp counselor. Because of that, Dawn wants to put the past behind her especially now that she's a senior. She also wants to put her love for Jake behind her too, after catching Jake getting all fresh and kissy with Tasha, a new girl at Dawn's school.

So Dawn is busy trying to cram for exams and look after her nephew Keegan, Rob and Katie's son, when she starts getting headaches again. Turns out she's been having headaches since the start of her senior year and so far she's been trying to take naps to keep it from taking over her life the way cancer has done to her life. The headaches become much worse as the day goes by and while she goes to school and had lunch with Jake, she collasps in Jake's arms and ends up going to the hospital.

The Doctors diagnose her with some bad news :  She Has A Stroke. Getting a stroke is quite common with older teenagers, and since Dawn has had leukemia, it becomes very common. So Dawn has to take up physical therapy as well as speech therapy and preperation in order to keep up with her life. She also has to stay in the hospital for a couple of weeks and join some kind of therapy group. May I add that Dawn also has to have a private tutor just to keep up with her grades, and this causes Dawn to cry and her parents as well as Rob and Katie supporting her and being by her side as usual.

Meanwhile things between her and Jake start to heat up as Jake becomes much more determined to go out with Dawn, even going as far as to get her a gift for Christmas, as well as also staying by her place for Thanksgiving  after she leaves the hospital completing her work and making her recovery.  But Dawn's problems is just now beginning as Tasha tries to make advantages toward Jake and even did a makeout scene with him on Tv while Jake and the cheerleaders(Tasha's on the cheerleading team in case your wondering) went to New York for winter break.

The feelings become more real when Dawn and Jake go to their prom together after Dawn completes her schoolwork and is allowed to come back to school due to Dawn recieving high grades on her report card as well as a recomendation from her old private school teacher, Mrs. Appletree. But things become quite complicated as Jake recieves news that Tasha's brother Brad, who is a high school graduate and college scholar, got into A car accident and is put on life support. So Dawn and Jake return to the hospital just in time for his parents to cut him off of life support, but luckily he's still breathing.

So now Brad has to live the rest of his life being in a vegetable state like coma, and the poor kid has to live the rest of his life in a nursing home too. Tasha's life is now filled with drama and tragedy, as she later quit cheerleading practice and refuses to take the cheerleading scholarship too. She also spends her time after school going to the hospital and basically living there.

Its from there on out that her and Dawn eventually get together and talk, and they eventually bond after Dawn sees that Tasha is not a bad girl after all, and that she could understand what it's like to be in Brad's situation. Tasha later gets over Jake and Dawn and Jake later go out and kiss(for the second time.) They leave the hospital after Dawn confronts Tasha about being such a drama queen and this eventually calms Tasha down and shuts her up.

So it pretty much shows Jake, Rhonda, and Dawn graduating in the end and Dawn giving a big speech about what she has to go through, and her and Jake now going out and becoming inseperable. THE END!

Thoughts On This Book:
1. This book was actually pretty good although they should of just ended the book the way it is in the last book No Time To Cry. Cause really, the only things that this book talks about is Dawn moving up to the 12th grade and Rob and Katie getting married. I definitely would prefer the other one. This book was pretty boring even though it is one of my favorites.

2. Sandy makes a cameo appearance as an angel, encouraging Dawn to move on and live her life to the fullest. She also encouraged Dawn to fight for Jake's love and not to let Tasha get in the way of her and Jake's relationship as well as friendship. It has been a long time since we last heard from Sandy other than the fact that she died in the first book of the Dawn Rochelle series.

3. I really would like to hear more about Greg and Mike. I mean they should at least make a cameo appearance too since this is supposed to be the last book of the series. It would be nice to see How Mike is doing since Sandy's death as well as what Greg is doing, even though he came out as strange to me.

4. I would also like to know how Brent is doing too since his breakdown over Sandy's death at Dawn's house in the last book. I mean I really would love to hear more about Brent since he seemed so totally cool in the 3rd book and since I have a huge crush on Brent.

5. Tasha wasn't really all that bad compared to the way that Sharon and Darcy the Snob acted in the previous books. Yeah she was annoying, but at least she wasn't as horrible as her previous look alikes.

6. Ever noticed that Sharon, Darcy and Tasha share a couple of things in common. One is the fact that their blondes(I guess Lurlene has a deep hatred for blondes since she makes most of her blonde characters act like total bitches *cough Lacey Duvall cough*). Another is that they are cheerleaders  (well, former cheerleaders in Darcy's case since Darcy was in the same college that Rob was.) and both of them( Sharon and Tasha) had older brothers that Jake was good buddies with and both hated Dawn(not Tasha, just Darcy and Sharon.)

7. So Brad was only 24, and was just visiting his family over the weekend when the car accident happened. And it was because Trisha was wearing his helmet and didn't give it back to him. Wth? A helmet to wear to go driving? I am not going to comment on that one.

8. Jake certainly knows how to get around with the ladies. I mean he was shown making out/getting fresh with Tasha in the downstairs hallways and claims to go over to Brad's house often to hang out with Tasha there. Same thing with Sharon's brother with Sharon also being there. I have a feeling Jake lost his virginity to those girls and maybe that explains why Sharon and Tasha acted kind of slutty/flirty as well as bitchy too.

9. Tasha and Sharon reminds me so much of Mandy from Totally Spies(I Love That Show) as well as Sissi from Code Lyoko( Another Show That I Loved).

10. Jake mentions this is the first time he's ever kissed Dawn as well as wanting to kiss her since the 9th grade. But didn't he kissed her in the last book as they were leaving that time capsule ceremony? Also didn't he moved back to Ohio during the 10th grade when they both turned 15? total lack of continuity Lurlene. Total lack indeed.

11. You know, you could of just have Brad died instead of ending up comatosed and vegatized for the rest of his life. And also spending the rest of his life in a nursing home. That way I wouldn't of ending up feeling sorry for the kid and maybe Tasha wouldn't act so dramatic and annoying in this book.

12. I have a feeling that Lurlene hates Dawn as much as Ann M. Martin hating Mallory. Ironic isn't it. Especially since they're both redheads too. Only Dawn is at least popular and cuter. Older too and not so whiny and annoying as Mallory.

13. Reason why I say Lurlene hates Dawn is because most of her books in the inside cover doesn't list the Dawn Rochelle series that much. Plus Dawn has to go from battling leukemia to having a fever and an infection in the first book, get a bone marrow transplant and then having some kind of reaction to it which almost kills her, getting a rash and going to the hospital again in the 4th book, and now getting a stroke and migraine/headache in this last book and nearly collasps in Jake's arms. Yeah definite proof of Lurlene hating Dawn. Probably cause she's one of the few protags that actually survives too.

14. Some patterns in Lurlene Mcdaniel books: Collasping in your boyfriends arms. Or lover's arms too. April lancaster collasped in her boyfriend Chris's arms in the Till Death Do Us Part book. She did the same thing again, only in her new lover Brandon's arms in For Better, For Worse, Forever. Dawn does this in Jake's arms in this book. There's probably some more but those I could remember so far. By the way, April Lancaster is also a redhead. 

15. Another pattern: Most of the surving (or somewhat surviving ones) in Lurlene's books are redheads. Katie O' Roarke , one of the protagonists in the One Last Wish books is a redhead. April Lancaster who survives Till Death Do Us Part but also dies in For Better, For Worse, Forever, was also a redhead. And Dawn Rochelle, the title character of this series, is a redhead. There's probably more but all i can say is that Lurlene has a fondness for redheads. And you can see clearly in the books too.   

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Dawn Rochelle Book 4: No Time To Cry

Sorry I havent post much, as I am battling a major cold right now and it takes up most of my energy and time. It might take me a while to post up new posts, so pray for me as I try to do my best (or keep me in your thoughts if your not the religious type.)

Wtf is up with Dawn looking older. Come on, Dawn looks like she's in her 20's instead of being 15 like in her previous book. Also that dress she's wearing looks old and looks as if its made for older women like 40 year old women or women who are pregnant and etc. Point is, Dawn looks much older and not exactly the way I imagined her to look. And Jake looks suspicious to me in this cover. That smile makes him look creepy. Plus he looks a little like Shane West to me.

Now this is much better. I mean Dawn at least looks alright just a little more older like say 17?. Also, Jake if drop dead gorgeous on this cover. Damn. Im talking about Smoking hot. He also looks like a younger version of Grayson from one of my favorite shows, Drop Dead Diva. Basically Jake and Dawn look alright in this cover and much better than the last one.

Ok why does Jake look like such a jock in this cover and kind of rednecky. I know Jake is listed as a jock and all but Gheesh. Could he at least look decent or something. Dawn looks alright of course but this makes her look 16 instead of 15 though. Like her outfit though.

This is from the 4 novels cover and has the picture of Dawn from the first book as well as Jake from the 4th one. Jake definitely looks like a redneck here even in the background and Dawn looks alright.


Dawn is getting ready to go to High school now that her cancer is in remission, her bone marrow is working ok, and now that her friendship with Marlee is gone (Remember Marlee from the previous book? She died in the previous one.). Dawn is looking forward to her new life when all of a sudden, someone calls out her name and it turns out to be Jake Macha, a former crush of Dawn's and Dawn's good friend. Turns out Jake has moved back to Ohio after the dad got transferred back  and now Dawn is feeling sentimental again because Jake has returned.

As if things arent bad enough, Dawn is also invited to speak at a groundbreaking ceremony in her honor to celebrate the friendship she had with Sandy and Marlee. Also the hospital commitee is going to open a cancer treatment ceremony in Marlee's honor after her grandmother passes away in the middle of this book and wants Dawn to speak at the ceremony as well as lead the time capsule ceremony too. Dawn is basically all stressed out with the pressure that everyone is putting on Dawn, but Dawn manages to mellow it out somehow.

Katie also becomes very close with Dawn and wants Dawn to join a support group for people with cancer as well as become one of the honorees in this Tree of Life program that's dedicated to cancer survivors like her. But it makes Dawn  feel sad because her friends are dead and she's not. It makes her think all about Sandy and Marlee again, especially when Brent (the boy from the previous book) comes to visit Dawn during winter break.

Dawn notices she has feelings for Brent, but isnt sure what to do about it, especially since Jake came back to her life. But she soons stops worrying about that when she sees Brent crying in the basement during Christmas Eve. It turns out that during Christmas time, the family would always get together and talk about the things they want to do in the future, and Sandy dreamed about being rich and having a family and have everyone move in with them once she gets her a land and stuff. But after Sandy died, things haven't been the same and when Brent and Mr. Chandler(Sandy's father) go to Sandy's grave, Mr. Chandler cries and its the first time that Brent has ever seen the daddy cry. Brent is also recovering from Sandy's death and wishes he had a chance to to speak to Sandy one last time and spend time with her again. Dawn takes the time to comfort Brent and eventually gives Brent most of Sandy's belongings, saying that one day when Brent ever settles down and have kids, he might want to show them Sandy's things and tell them about their special aunt. Brent and Dawn hug and have a special time together.

After Brent leaves, Dawn goes upstairs and notices a rash on her skin and thinks her cancer has returned. So they take her to the hospital to get examined again and  Dawn runs into Jake Macha again and soon has a talk with him. Turns out that Jake wants to get into her private life and wishes that she open up with him. But Dawn isn't going there and they basically argue, with Jake leaving and Dawn neaqrly crying her eyes out. She then gets a visit from Dr. Ben from camp and they soon talk about life and what happened with Dawn's friends and how despite the fact that their gone, Dawn helped them through it all. Basically Dr. Ben is encouraging Dawn to move on and think about her life in a new way. Dawn is now feeling happy right around the same time Dr. Sinclair gives her news that her cancer is alright and that there is nothing wrong with her. So Dawn heads home and gets ready for her ceremony.

After Dawn gives her opening speech and talk about the changes in her life, Dawn goes to the time capsule thing and buries her old diary as well as Mr. Ruggers her old teddy bear into the time capsule and soon leaves off. She later meets Sandy's parents and Sandy's mother gives her a new picture of the two of them together, Sandy and Dawn, while going to cancer camp. Dawn also meets Brent and exchange farewell gifts. Dawn later leaves off with  Jake and the two kiss and talk about the new support group that Dawn is joining as well as the Tree of Life program that Dawn is signing off for.

P.s. in case your interested, Dawn's brother Rob graduates from College and gets engaged to Katie,Dawn's nurse in this book. The two has been into each other since book 2 and now the two are engaged.


1. Whoever said that Dawn is like Dawn Schafer should really get themselves checked. Cause Dawn reminds me an awful lot like Ginger Foutley. Also, she is kinda like Mallory with some Mary Anne and Claudia. Same with Stacey too.

2. This is the book where it basically recaps all the previous books from 1-3 of the Dawn Rochelle series.

3. This was supposed to  be the  last Dawn Rochelle book but a lot of fans wanted to hear more about Dawn Rochelle and so is the reason for the last Dawn book, To live Again.

4. Im really sad that Dawn and Brent ended their relationship like that. I really liked Brent and I thought Brent was a much better candidate for Dawn than Jake is. At least Brent is honest. Plus he respects Dawn's privacy. They even share a lot in common particularly when it comes to Sandy.

5. Jake reminds me so much of Logan Bruno especially when it comes to Dawn's illness.

6. I think the reason why Mr. Chandler cried was because he was feeling guilty for sending Sandy away to a Mexican clinic/resort  instead of sending her to Dr. Sinclair. Karma is a bitch isn't it Mr. Chandler.

7. I do feel sorry for the Chandler family though, especially Brent.

8. I wonder whatever happened to Mike and Greg. WE havent seen much of them since book 2. I would love to see Mike and Greg again. Especially Mike.

9. I actually like this book despite the fact that everyone was so persistent on Dawn's illness and life. And Katie was being really annoying in this book. Same with Jake.

10. Sharon is such a bitch in this book. She's like Tasha from book 5 and Darcy from book 1 all rolled into one.

11. Darcy the snobby bitch from book 2 is in this book at the scene where Rob graduates and Dawn and Katie go up there to see him. She's changed her hair too to a shorter blonde cut.

12. Gotta love the recaps of previous book in this one, especially when it came to Marlee and Sandy.

13. The grandma spent all of her wealth in trying to build a cancer treatment center. So I wonder how did she affored to go to the hospital if she wasted all of her money on a cancer project?

good book by the way and one of my favorites from the Dawn Rochelle Series