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Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

This book was actually very good. Not only could I relate to Carrie in so many ways, but God her parents were fucking awful. The only ones I liked was Keith's family, Carrie's brother, and Lynda. But Carrie's parents can go to hell for all I care.

Man Does Keith look good on the cover. I wonder who portrayed Keith in this photo cover? He looks quite familiar. Carrie looked alright too. And  that heart necklace looks cute with that big red sweatshirt. It shows Keith playing the guitar while also sadly gazing at Carrie, who is shown admiring outside the window and is probably wishing she could have a life like Keith's and a family too.

Plot: Carrie Blake is 15 and struggling with leukemia. She's had leukemia since she was 12 years old and so far she's doing good in her treatments. But her homelife is basically shitty as her mom is always busy trying to settle down and work and also finding a good man for her and Carrie, and her father pretty much acts distant towards Carrie a lot. Her parents are divorced and her brother is living with the dad and his new wife, Lynda , who always supports Carrie, and is pretty much acting like the mother she's never had. Because of that, Carrie has to battle her illness alone and pretty much trusts no one.

One day at the cancer support group, she meets a boy named Keith who has a very bad form of cancer, and is one of the most popular guys at Carrie's school. Carrie has a crush on Keith, but tries denying it. But they end up getting together to work on the upcoming festivals for the cancer group that Carrie has joined. Meanwhile, Her mother constantly ignores Carrie and tries to be a good mother while also having a social life, which Pisses off Carrie's dad because he thinks mothers shouldnt work and etc. Carrie ignores the both of them and tries to live her harsh life as peacefully as she can.

Well, Keith and Carrie start getting closer to each other and eventually Carrie meets his family, who are very warm and friendly and seems to approve of Carrie. They also show up at the picnic and Carrie and the gang have a good time until Keith collasps at the picnic. They rush him to the hospital where it turns out Keith's cancer is back, but this time its lodged in his liver. Keith is basically going to die and Carrie is devastated by the news. The only one who seems to understand this is once again Lynda, but Carrie is too pissed off at her dad to even notice or care. She even yells at Lynda for being the cause of her parents breakup, but Lynda calmly lets her know the full details of her life, even going as far to say that she's lucky her parents still give a shit about her and her brother, and that at least they bother to still see each other despite the fact that her parents basically want to tear each other apart.

Turns out Lynda's life is just as shitty as Carrie's, only much worse. Parents hate each other so much that Lynda's mom put a restraining order on the dad (I have a feeling Lynda's dad was an abuser.). It ruined Lynda's life so badly that the girl even put off dating for a while as well as marriage, until she met Carrie's father. This causes Carrie to pity the woman and stop being such a bitch to Lynda( yeah no kidding sherlock.)

So now things are cool with Carrie and Lynda, but things arent going great for Keith. Keith is taking a turn for the worse and Keith's family decided to let Keith handle his illness because they don't want to keep him hurting and etc. Keith decides to go into the hospice program where they help those who are dying and honor their wishes and etc. Keith also wants to go to the family hideout in the mountains and view the scenery one last time. And Keith wants Carrie to come, which isnt a problem because Carrie's mom doesn't give a shit about Carrie, and Carrie's dad is a controlling asshole.

Carrie's dad eventually turns around at some point, thanks to Lynda for letting him know that Carrie is no longer a little girl, and after showing some grief over His pals' death in Vietnam at the 4 of July picnic. Turns out that Pops went into the Army right after graduation from high school along with 4 of his buddies. But he was the only one to come out of the war alive. He even had to watch his best friend get his legs amputated and die from it. Yeah I guess this is the reason why the daddy never liked hospitals or Carrie's illness. But This does cause Carrie and the dad to eventually bond and be understanding and supportive of each other's decisions.

Of course, Mom's story was worse. Turns out Pops wanted her to settle down and have kids and be a housewife, and she chose motherhood over landing a job( In like what? Modeling?) to have kids, just so that she can please the daddy. Yeah Right. O, and the reason why she hates hospitals and Carrie's illness is because Her mom and her favorite Aunt died from cancer, and it somehow devastates her in a way. She thought she would be at risk, but instead it skips over to Carrie and i guess she's lucky. Did I add that the mommy want the life of the luxury and rich people and likes to dress up and travel? And she's into a guy named Larry who's a total bore to Carrie, and seems to say just anything to make Carrie's mom melt with pleasure.

Anyways, Carrie goes to Keith's place in the cabins and Starts getting close with all of Keith's family, including Keith's sister named Tina, who is new at Carrie's high school and likes Carrie. She even wants Carrie to look out for her when she Starts her freshman year at high school. Carrie promises and the girls get closer to each other. Carrie also starts taking music lessons from Keith and learns to play the guitar for the first time.

After Carrie comes home from her trip to the mountains, she finds a For Sale sign at her house and demands to know why their house is being sold. Mom explains that with the money she's making now and with Carrie being out of school now, she can afford to move elsewhere. Plus she's tired of living in a shitty ass town and blah blah blah. So Carrie becomes pissed and eventually hangs out at Keith's place more and decides to spend time with him until he dies. After getting to know Keith and seeing how fucked up her home life is being, Carrie goes to Keith's just in time to say goodbye to Keith before he dies in his own house. Carrie cries and soon leaves to go back to her home.

After the funeral and after Carrie throws a farewell party in Keith's honor, Carrie gets ready to pack and move to her father's place. Turns out Carrie relaized her mom is a horrible excuse of a mother and she never wanted to have kids, and never even said I love you to Carrie or her brother. Plus Carrie is finally getting close to her daddy and the dad is becoming less of a asshole, Lynda is supportive as usual, and her brother misses her like crazy. And she still wants to go to her old school named Martin. The mom becomes quite pissed and angry at this, but she eventually gets over it and moves on with her life. Carrie later leaves with Keith's guitar in hand, given to her by Tina after the funeral, and ready to move on with her new life now that everything is settled.


1. Man is Carrie's family so horrible. I mean really, you think you can at least take time to see your daughter even visit her while she's dealing with her illness, but no. Theyre too busy trying to tear each other apart to even care. The only ones i liked were Lynda and her brother. At least they seemed to care and understand about Carrie's illness.

2. This book reminds me of the One Last Wish Book called Mother Help Me Live, where Sarah experiences some of the same problems that Carrie seems to have. Only Sarah was adopted. Plus her adopted parents seemed cool. Especially the adoptive mom.

3. You gotta love Keith's family,especially the parents. They seem like the type of parents you would love to have. They dont try to hide the truth from you like most parents do, and they are very supportive and understanding. they even let you make decisions and etc. They remind me so much about the Qumby family in the Ramona Quimby series by Beverly Clearly.

4. Ok so Carrie's dad wasnt that bad, but he could of at least bothered to see Carrie and stop blaming everything on her Mom. I mean sure Carrie's mom was a douche but at least she's not the only one to blame. You are one not to judge Mr. Blake.

5. Ok Ms. Blake. I understand you want to live a luxurious life. But couldnt you at least spend time with your daughter and stop fucking every guy you see at your job. Also if you didnt want to get married and settle down, why the hell did you do it in the first place? you could of at least be honest here.

6. Seriously, what kind of a mother would leave their kid outside alone in the park without even making a phone call? And I don't buy the fact that there was no pay phones at the park. It sounds so ridiculous.

7. If Keith hadn't of died in this book, Him and Carrie would of acutally gone out with each other and even make out in the book. But of course this is Lurlene's world, and almost all of her characters die.

8. Lurlene pattern: Working class mom turning into bitches, Stay at home moms are as sweet as gold in this book.

9. Keith's dream was to play in the World Series in baseball and Go on Johnny Carson's show live to play his guitar. Carrie also wants to go on Johnny Carson live, but wants to go into comedy and be a comedian.

10. Keith was 16 when he died and a junior at high school.

11. Carrie really was smart in this book and one of my favorite characters. I was a lot like carrie myself.

12. Carrie reminds me so much of Helga Pataki from Hey Arnold, but without the obscession of Arnold aqnd crazyness.

This is actually one of my favorite books and despite the fact that Carrie's parents were Awful and ridiculous, i gotta admit, it was very well written and somewhat realistic.

oh well. on to the next book.

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New book by lurlene mcdaniel called heart to heart coming soon!

there is a new book by lurlene mcdaniel called heart to heart that's coming out soon. Get your money ready and lets buy us a copy. I cant wait. ^_^

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Dawn Rochelle book 3: So Much to Live For

I just had to do a recap on this book. This book was great on so many levels and I loved the romance between Dawn and Brent in this book. They are a much better pair than Jake and Dawn, or Greg and Dawn too.

Ok. So the book begins with Dawn getting ready to head back to cancer camp again, only this time she's a CIT( camp instructor in training) instead of just a regular old veteran camper. Her friends Mike and Greg had moved on and went into college with scholarship degrees, and Sandy's been dead for almost 3 years. Dawn had given up the dream of working at Rhonda's uncle's ice cream to rather instead work at cancer camp.

Dawn later meets a girl named Marlee who is bitter, sad, and lonely and lives with a rich grandma who spoils Marlee like crazy. Marlee also becomes a terror to camp counselors as well as fellow campers, and Dawn thinks the reason why Marlee is horrible is because of her reaction and bitterness about her cancer.

Dawn also meets a camp counselor by the name of Brent Chandler,who is related to Sandy Chandler(he's her brother),and starts developing a crush on Brent. She soon begins having doubts about Brent because she's still in love with Jake. Plus Brent is still recovering over the loss of Sandy's death.

Dawn and Marlee eventually become good friends and Marlee even starts to open up about her problems to Dawn. Then Dawn and Brent go to the 50's dance as Elvis and Priscilla and they share a kiss by the lake on their way back to their cabins. Marlee also went to the dance, but was too shy to ask Brent out. For Marlee has a huge crush on Brent also, but doesnt do anything about it though.

After Dawn and Brent went their seperate ways, Dawn recieves a phone call from Marlee asking if Dawn could see her at the hospital. For Marlee's cancer has recently returned and the doctors aren't sure about sending her home yet. Dawn visits Marlee and soon meets Agatha Hodges, Marlee's grandmother for the first time.

The doctors later tell Dawn and Marlee's grandmother the bad news: Marlee's cancer is inoperable, and Marlee won't be going home. Marlee is dying and Marlee's grandmother doesnt want Dawn to tell Marlee the bad news, for she doesn't want Marlee to be upset.

Dawn doesn't but Marlee eventually learns the truth and Marlee wants Dawn to not tell her grandmother thaT she's dying, for it will upset grandma and cause her to have a heart attack( the grandma has a bad heart condition.). Dawn keeps this a secret and gives her teddy bear, Mr. Ruggers, away so that Marlee will feel comfortable. Marlee later dies in a coma and Dawn grieves once more, not only for Marlee, but for Sandy as well, who died of the same age 13 also.

Dawn later goes to Marlee's funeral and meets Marlee's grandmother again as well as her attorney. The grandmother gives Dawn her old teddy bear back as well as a message from Marlee, telling her to go back to camp again and continue to look after Brent and her grandmother for her. Dawn cries but eventually decides to head back to camp once more and complete their wishes.


Thoughts on So Much To Live For:
1. I kinda feel sorry for poor Marlee in this case. I mean the girl wants to go home after being diagnosed with her cancer again, but the grandmother doesnt let her. She hardly had any friends in school and was deeply hated at camp. And not everyone was sympathetic to Marlee. Can't help but feel sorry for the poor girl. Especially since the girl came from a rich and wealthy background.

2.Marlee thinks putting weeds in a water bottle is dumb. But I remember doing the same thing in kinbdergarden and getting an A+ for that.

3. For a rich kid, Marlee is not snobbish at all. In fact, she's very down to earth. Kinda like Kristy Thomas of the Babysitter's Club.

4. Marlee doesnt wear makeup due to a horrible accident with her eye.( she has a fake eye.) I remember doing the same thing in 1st grade and boy did that shit hurt.

5. Like Sandy, Marlee was only 13 and in the 7th grade when she died. Ironic don't you think. Another Irony is that they both died toward the end of the summer too. Only Sandy died in a Mexican clinic/resort instead. Plus Sandy was happy and ready to die. I thought I would point that out.

6. Damn! with the way Brent was described Im more than interested in wanting to meet him and date him. He sounds really nice and perfect. Plus he really likes Dawn and isn't shy about asking her out like Jake does. Plus he cared about Sandy too.

7. I think Brent is a way better kisser than Greg  and Jake.

8. I think Brent and Dawn would of made a greater couple than Greg/Dawn and Jake/Dawn. Brent isnt shy about making moves on Dawn. Plus Brent is a lot nicer to Dawn and really cares about her and her feelings. And they both loved Sandy. They have a lot more in common than Greg and Jake.

9. Signs of Marlee being rich: Marlee has an indoor swimming pool at home., Plus Grandma buys her a lot of expensive toys. Marlee brought designer sheets to camp. Marlee has a limo. Grandma wears a suit all the time. Marlee has expensive makeup kits. Marlee even has her own private room and her own florist too.

10. Although i love hearing about camp stories and all, If i were Dawn i would of ditched camp to work at a ice cream shop. Think of all the ice cream you can eat. and cute boys work at the ice cream shop. But then we would of never got a chance to meet marlee or brent so yeah.

Telling Christina Goodbye

man is this book good. Not only did this book had me in tears, but omg was this book so realistically written. The only thing that I want to add was that Tucker was such an abusive jerk, and Tina's parents were weird. Ok here goes.

Nothing to snark on this cover. For Christina looks really good in the photo even though its kinda small. Plus it shows flowers by the photo right where the accident happened. so yeah nothing to snark on here. Plus this book came out in 2002 so there's really nothing to snark on. I guess Lurlene or the editors got tired of making millions of covers on here.

Ok so the book begins with Trisha coming back from homeroom to go to the bathrooms to find her best friend Christina crying in the bathroom stalls. It turns out that her and Tucker, her boyfriend since the 8th grade, got into an argument over Christina seeing a classmate of theirs, Billy Ecklorn, at a coffee shop. The two were only getting together to study for Finals for their senior year and someone spotted him getting together. Now Christina is upset and hurt and Trisha is pissed off at Tucker for treating her friend like crap.

Trisha later meets her boyfriend named Cody, who she's been seeing since the 10th grade, and tells him what's going on with Christina and Tucker and wishes Christina would dump him so that she can move on and settle with her life now that she's got a 10,000 scholarship to the University of Vermont, and her father's recommendation to go there. Cody tells Trisha not to be so hard on Tucker because Tucker really cares about Christina and is afraid of losing her. But Trisha isn't convinced.

Trisha later runs into Tucker while seeing her brother Charlie play in the school playoffs. Tucker asks Trisha if she could convice Christina not to go off to Vermont with the scholarship that she's got. Trisha refuses and says its a lifetime opportunity for Christina, one that she knows will never be abvle to get. Tucker is pissed off by the news, but eventually keeps his cool and joins Trisha in watching the games together.

Later Cody and Trisha are at her house, relaxing and cozying over a cup of hot cocoa and while theyre relaxing, Cody spills the news to Trisha that Tucker wants to marry Christina towards the end of June, the day after graduation. Trisha is shocked and upset, because she knows that Christina will end up throwing away the scholarship just to be with Tucker. Plus she also knows that Christina deeply loves Tucker and always do what he says. Cody begs Trisha not to tell Christina about the news. Trisha reluctantly agrees and keeps it a secret from Christina.

Trisha, Cody, Christina, and Tucker later go on a double date and tries to enjoy a game when Christina once again runs into Billy and has a normal conversation with him. Tucker later sees them and gets into a fist fight with Billy. Cody stops them and tries to take Tucker outside with him. But two security guards come by and threw Cody and Trisha outside in the cold and bans them from coming to the games. Trisha is super pissed and yells at Tucker for getting Cody into trouble and for not being there for him when he was getting yelled at. Tucker apologizes and tries to make up with Christina. But this time Christina has had it and tells Tucker off about treating her like crap and for being such a jealous asshole. Tucker is upset and shocked of this news and leaves her to work on his car. Trisha points out that Tucker will never change and that she shouldn't live her life treated like crap from a guy like Tucker. Christina says nothing on this and the gang later leave to head back home.

Un fortunately a couple of guys from the high school saw Tucker and the gang and tries to bump them off the road. Tucker dodges it and pissed off over the boys, tries to chase them down and crashes. Christina tries to stop the car but it was too late. The car is now totalled and Christina, Trisha, and Cody flew out of the car and is hurt very badly. A few officers come by and help Trisha out. Turns out that Trisha is still alive. But she suffered from a couple of broken ribs and bruises. She is injured and has to stay in the hospital for a couple of days. Tucker is barely hurt and only suffered a few scratches. But Cody has to go to another hospital miles away and is now in a coma. But here is tragic news: Christina died at the scene. Now Trisha is deeply saddened by her death. Tucker is devasted. Their lives are changed forever. And Christina's dead. And Cody is fighting for her life.

  The news of Christina's death shocks the community and now everyone is bringing flowers and goes to her funeral. Trisha at first didn't want to go to the funeral because she's still in shock over Christina's death, but she eventually gets over it and soon meets Tucker, who shows up in a blue suit with a bandage over his head. Tucker soon gets into a argument with Christina's dad, who is super pissed at Tucker for causing Christina to die. Luckily Tucker's family shows up and backs Tucker from getting into a fistfight with Christina's dad. Trisha's dad does the same thing and holds Christina's father from killing Tucker. Tucker soon leaves and Trisha goes up to Christina's casket to say goodbye.

Trisha later goes to school to move on in her life, and everyone at school goes to Trisha to offer their condolences for Christina. Tucker stays by her side and guides her the rest of the year. Trisha later returns home to hear the news that Cody is now talking again and he's out of a coma. Trisha becomes excited and goes to the hospital to see Cody.Unfortunately, Cody suffers from amnesia,which is quite common in coma patients, and doesnt remember Trisha. Trisha is heartbroken by the news, but eventually decides to help Cody remember her and gain his memory on things. Tucker also helps Cody out and gives Trisha advice on how to gain Cody back as a boyfriend again, even though they havent broke up.

Meanwhile the school also builds a memorial in Christina's honor and tries to have Trisha give a speech based on Christina's life. But Thrisha refuses and breaks down in tears. Abby runs over to Trisha's side to comfort her, but Trisha snaps at Abby and tells her she doesn't know what it's like. Abby confronts her gently and tells her she knows what its like to lose a loved one. Her brother Carson died years ago due to a car accident in which he fell asleep while driving and crashed into a tree. Trisha soon apologizes and finds herself a new friend in Abby.

Meanwhile Cody gains his memory back and slowly tries to work his way around school and life. He returns to school and everyone gives Cody a warm welcome, including Tucker, who helps him out around the school area. Trisha later gains her memory back and soon learns what happened during the accident. Trisha becomes pissed and confronts Tucker about it, to which Tucker admits and apologizes to Cody and Trisha for what he's done to all of them. Tucker later tells everyone what really happened and later moves to live with relatives in another state. This relieves Trisha and helps her focus on other things.

Cody later tells Trisha that he wont be graduating with Trisha and the gang due to his lack of progress and lots of absence from school. This saddens Trisha but eventually keeps her from dumping Cody and instead supports him. Trisha later goes to the prom with Abby and Cody and has a good time. She also eventually graduates and recieves a phone call from Christina's mother to let her know that theyre moving, and they want Trisha to take Christina's things as a farewell present. Trisha does and the two give each other a tearful hug goodbye and the Eckloe's leave for Florida.

Trisha also decides to work at a hospital and deal with Christina's old patient named Mr. Tappin, who is old and very sick. The two become good pals and form a bond together. Then Mr. Tappin dies and the hospital releases her after only a couple of months, because they know she only did this for Christina's sake. Trisha then leaves only to find Cody hanging by her house and the two rekindle their relationship. Now Trisha is happy to move on and now the two can spend the rest of their lives together in peace. And they'll never forget Chriswtina . The end.

1. It's sad to die in a car crash and quite tragic the way Christina died.
2. I think its obvious that Christina's on the wealthy side. Especially if she's buried in a fancy outfit and in a pretty casket with a much fancier tomb.
3. DAMN! to recieve 10,000! Do you know what I would do if I ever recieved 10,000 dollars? I know I wont have to worry about paying back college loans or paying for books and stuff. And I could have enough to go on a vacation of get a cruise or a manicure too. Damn Christina was lucky.
4. Even though the book was good and the title fit it well, It should of been called " My Boyfriend Was a Jerk and I was Killed Because of that." Or My Boyfriend was Abusive and I was killed because of that.
5. Christina's parents kind of sucked in this book. I mean if your daughter is being abused and controlled by a guy that you know you don't like, don't you think you should break them up and stop him from seeing your daughter. I was in a relationship like that in my high school years and my parents stopped me from seeing him. They even put a restraining order on him and called the courts on his ass. Otherwise if i was to still see him, I wouldn't be alive to post this blog right now.
6. I loved Christina's dad during the funeral scene. I think he did what we all wanted to do to Tucker all this time.
7. Christina really was kinda stupid in this book. I mean she had the opportunity to leave Tucker for another guy, yet she stayed with Tucker anyways because she "loves" him. Whatever.
8. I felt sorry for Cody and Trisha in this book. They were just now trying to go off to college together and start their lives off but stupid Tucker ruined the whole thing by acting like a dumbass
9. I come to realize that I don't like Tucker and I don't think im the only one.
10. I'm with Thrisha 100%. If you had just recieved 10,000 on scholarship and was offered to go to the college of your choice, wouldn't you want to go yourself and dump the dead weight that rivals Logan Bruno and Kristy Thomas, to go. Especially if that person tries to stop you from going?
11. Not only was Tucker abusive but he was also stupid. Hello Tucker, if your girlfriend loves your sorry ass and wants to go to Vermont, not to mention recieved 10,000 I would of stopped bitching about how she needs to live her life and start thinking like hey, i just realized that I could move with Christina and go to Vermont together, especially since she got 10,00 grand. But the dumb fool was too busy preaching about how dumb she looks instead of seeing the obvious.
12. Thank you Trisha. Im glad someone points out that a guy like Tucker isn't good enough for you Christina. Especiually if he keeps trying to pressure you into staying in Indiana with him, makes fun of the way you help out to others, and even forces you to drop cheerleading. He's not good for you.
13. Even though Trisha was my favorite character in the book, after the accident she got kinda stupid to Abby. Hello Trisha, At least someone understands what your going through. Especially if she lost a brother like that during her freshman years. So Stuff it.
14. That abby/ Trisha frienship reminds me of the Claudia/erica friendship in the friends forever series. only Stacy wasnt dead. plus that happened because stacy and claudia was fighting, and claudia wanted a new friend to worship/hang out with.
15. I think Tucker did more than emotionally abused her. He probably physically abused her too. Especially if she was shown crying in the bathroom earlier on in the book.
16. I'm surprised Tucker didn't kill himself in the end of the book. I wished he did simply because he doesn't deserve to live for the way he treated Christina, Trisha, and Cody. But he moves away instead. Still I'm glad. I cant stand Tucker.
17. If I were Christina's parents I would of sued Tucker anyways. But they didnt because it won't bring Christina back. Kinda makes sense but still yeah.
18. Im glad Cody and Trisha stayed together in the end. They were my favorite couple in the book. Plus it shows that real love stays strong. Good point in this book.
I really enjoyed this book, even though Tucker was such an abusive asshole, and Trisha and Cody's lives are ruined forever.  But Trisha is my favorite character nonetheless. Same with Cody too.

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Dawn Rochelle book 1: Six Months To Live

This is the book that started it all for me.  What can I say. I love the Dawn Rochelle series.

The book starts off with Dawn Rochelle entering into the hospital room with terrible news: she is diagnosed with leukemia. Dawn has just joined the cheerleading team and is only 13 years old. She's afraid she'll die and won't ever get the chance to hang out with her frriends named  Jill, Kathy, Kim, and Rhonda. She's also afraid that if she die, she wont ever have the chance to tell Jake how much she loves him also. So Dawn spends most of her time taking tests, answering homework, returning calls, and battling her cancer.

While laying in wait of the hospital wing, she meets a girl named Sandy, who is also 13 years old. Like Dawn, she's afraid of dying of cancer. Also, like Dawn, she has a crush on a guy who she is secretly dating . And she has leukemia too. Dawn thinks Sandy is very pretty, while Sandy feels the same way. The two becomes fast friends and basically spend their time talking about their lives while also trying to battle cancer too. The two become even more closer when both of their hair falls out at the same time after chemotherapy treatments.

Things change when Dawn has to go to the main floor to battle a fever. When Dawn comes back, her friend Sandy leaves for home after recieving news about going into remission for her cancer. Dawn would later recieve that news too, and resumes her later life. But things are never the same for Dawn again as her friends treat her weirdly, and her parents become very overprotective of her. The same thing happens to Sandy, only her boyfriend pretty much dumps her after coming back home from the hospital wing.

Then Dawn recieves a letter from her doctor, asking if she would like to go to a cancer campout. Dawn becomes thrilled and ask her parents if she could go. Her parents at first aren't so sure about sending her off like that, but eventually changes their minds and let her go. The same happens with Sandy's parents and Dawn becomes reunited with Sandy again.

The girls later meet two boys named Greg and Mike, who is just now recovering from cancer, and is also on the atletic side. The gang meet up and decides to pull on a prank on Dr. Ben, who likes to pull on pranks as well as recieve on. The gang succeeds and become the most popular gang on site. The gang later split up and Dawn recieves her first kiss from Greg, while Sandy also recieves a passionate kiss from Mike.

Two weeks after Dawn comes home fromn cancer camp, she recieves news that Sandy is rediagnosed with leukemia and that she's out of remission. Her doctor wants her to recieve a bone marrow transplant, but her dad refuses and sends her to a cancer clinic in Mexico. The next letter that Dawn recieves from Sandy is a letter saying how much she enjoys Mexico, and that she's glad she doesnt have to take any more medicines and that she wishes Dawn the best in getting Jake to like her.  The very next day Sandy dies. Her parents send her body back to West Virginia for burial, but they mail Dawn some personals from Sandy, which includes her diary, her bible, her combs, and a page stating how their is a time to die and a time to move on and stuff. Dawn cries, but she eventually moves on and tries to resume a normal life.

The book ends with Dawn hooking up with Jake Macha, and Dawn wearing Jake's jacket as they leave school together, hand in hand. The end.
not bad. But she doesnt even look 13. she looks to be 16 or older instead.

Looks alright. But she looks kind of ugly but yet so innocent in this book.

Now that's how i imagined her to look. Definitely looks 13 on this cover.

Thoughts on Six Months to Live:
1. The book was good, but the title was totally stupid. I mean the only one who dies in this book was Sandy, not Dawn. So why is it saying  that as if Dawn was dying when she's not. I mean come on. The chick survives in pretty much all of her books.
2.I wish we had a picture of what Sandy looked like. It would be nice to know what she would look like, rather than fantasize about how we would want her to look like and etc.
3. I never consider West Virginia to be a southern state. It's probably just me, but i dont know.
4. Kim, Kathy, Jill, and Rhonda are listed as Dawn's best friends. Yet later on in the series Rhonda is shown as being Dawn's only best friend, besides Sandy. I wonder what ever happened to Kim, Kathy, and Jill.
5.It's really Mr. Chandler's fault for sending Sandy away to some medical/ healing clinic in Mexico. If he would of just send Sandy back to Dr. Sinclair like the doctor suggests, Sandy would not only still be alive at least a little longer, but she would of met Dawn while she was up there too, instead of spending her last time with Dawn at a cancer camp. That was really stupid of you, Mr. Chandler. Very Stupid.
6. So Mrs. Chandler is supposed to be strong willed, yet she lets her husband  push her around? Yeah. Sure she is Sandy. Sure she is.
7. Sandy could of at least talked to her parents about wanting to go back to Dr. Sinclair, rather than let them decide for her. After all, she said she was her father's favorite girl.
8. Sandy's family is on the poor side, yet Brent gets to go to college without a scholarship.
9. Sandy's boyfriend really was a douche in this book. First he kisses her and tries making out with her, then when she has cancer, he runs off and acts distant towards her. Douchebag indeed.
10. Greg acts so awkward in this book. Such a shame that this is his only appearance in the series. After that we hear he moves away to a swimming scholarship college in Arizona. He would also eventually survive cancer and be cured too.
11.  Awww. Mike and Sandy would of totally made it as a real couple. Mike seems really cool, and he seems to really care about Sandy a lot. And he's nice. But Sandy had to die in this book and yeah. Still would of made a great couple though.
12.  For Jake's first appearance into the series, he sure was being distant. He also seemed a little weird, yet friendly too.
13. Popcorn necklaces sounds like an aphrodisiac to me
14. I would so wear a popcorn necklace to the movies on my date.
15. That teddy bear drawing sounded cute.
16. Like Dawn, I'm also  a big fan of teddy bears and plan on collecting them for my house when i move out.
17. Dawn reminds me an awful lot about Ginger Foutley from As Told By Ginger. The only difference is that Ginger is younger than 13. Plus Ginger collects ponies. And Ginger has a younger brother, not an older brother like Dawn.
18. I now want to go on a Mexican Cruise.
19. Sandy seems to handle her dying of cancer really well, despite being so anti about it earlier on in this book.
20. Sandy was only 13 when she died and still in the 7th grade. Marlee would also do the same thing in book 3.
21. This book should of been called " How do I handle cancer." or "why did the good kids has to die young.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dawn Rochelle book 2: I Want To Live

Ok this isnt exactly one of my favorites of the Dawn Rochelle series, but it is good though. Im not going to lie but it really is a good book. I guess it just doesnt appeal to me like the others do.
good look but she still looks 13 or young to me.
not bad, but she looks kind of average to me.
now this is a way better cover to me. Even though she looks 15 years old instead of 14 like she was in that book.

Plot: Dawn has just turned 14 years old on March 23. Her favorite color is pink and she just rejoined the cheerleading squad. Her best friend is Rhonda and Jill. She has a huge crush on Jake Macha. But Jake is about to get ready to move to Cincinatti and he has to switch schools too. So Rhonda decides to cheer Dawn up by buying her matching pink outfits, and also fixed her some chocolate cupcakes too.

Rhonda has a huge crush on Dawn's older brother named Rob, who is getting ready to visit Dawn for the summer. Rob has big plans: He wants to get engaged to his fiance Deb, who is rich, spoiled, and pretty. Rob wants Dawn to be in the wedding and wants to marry Deb in the fall. Dawn is happy about this, but isn't so sure about Rob getting engaged so soon. Plus its their first time meeting Deb too.

Dawn heads  back to camp and meets Mike McConnell from book 1, who is friends with Dawn
and Sandy, and is good friends with Greg too. Mike informs Dawn that Greg has taken a scholarship to a swim team in Arizona, and that he's cured of cancer after struggling it for 5 years. Mike is also glad that Dawn  informed him of the news of Sandy's death. Mike misses Sandy and for a moment the two hang their heads in silence for Sandy's death. The two later get over it and try to think up plans on how to prank Dr. Ben again. Their plan works and once again the two becomes the most popular kids on the campground.

When Dawn returns home from camp, she recieves news from her doctor, Dr. Sinclair, that her cancer has relapsed and that she's no longer in remission. They move Dawn to the oncology floor and Dawn gets a nurse named Katie, who is smart and very nice. And she has a thing for Rob too. Dawn also likes Katie and list her as her favorite nurse. The family soon decides to test their bone marrow to see if they match Dawn's. Rob becomes a perfect candidate for Dawn and agrees to donate his bone marrow to Dawn, so that she could live once more.

Darcy acts like a total snob to Dawn, and tries to exclude Dawn from being in the wedding as her bridesmaid by moving on in the wedding plans, and also finding a good bridesmaid to replace Dawn. Rob is pissed off about this and tries to break it off with Darcy. But Darcy refuses. So Rob decides to break up with her as well as call off the wedding. Rob soon becomes depressed about it and tries to fake it to Dawn by acting as if the wedding is still on. Katie soon tries to cheer up Rob and helps him get over his breakup with Darcy.

Dawn soon recieves her bone marrow transplant and at first dies when her heart stops beating while laying in wait of her transplant. Rob tries to bring her back by calling out her name again, and soon fantasizes about their life together and how close they were. Dawn later comes back and smiles at Rob, which causes Rob to break down and cry, and Dawn loving her brother more, as well as Katie and the others. Rob eventually tells Dawn that he broke off his engagement to Darcy, and Dawn at first thought she was to blame for the breakup. But Rob asures her that it wasnt her fault, and that her and Darcy just werent meant to be as husband and wife. So the book ends with Dawn now being extremely close to Rob, and Rob and Katie becoming a couple. The End.

Thoughts on I want to Live:
  • That  Darcy really was a snob in this book. I mean the girl continued to make arrangements for the wedding despite her fiance wanting to help Dawn in battling her cancer, and the family wanting to support Dawn with all her cancer treatments and etc. That girl really was a bitch in this book.
  • Im surprised the Rochelle parents didnt advise Rob about marrying early and putting his whole life away just to settle down. I mean they treat Dawn as if she was their only child, yet they don't get on Rob about marrying early?
  • Im glad Rhonda was the only person other than Dawn to see what a snob Darcy can really be .
  • Aww I just loved moments when Dawn would take the time to focus on meeting other kids and also remembering Sandy from time to time.
  • I really wish we see more of Mike later on in the series. Mike seemed like a cool person despite having his leg amputated due to bone cancer. Plus he really loved Sandy. And he's kinda Cute.
  • I have a feeling that wedding was going to be very expensive. Especially when Darcy the snob hosts it.
  • I really like Katie. She seems really cool for a oncology nurse. Plus she doesn't act fake nor snobby. And she really cares about Rob and Dawn.
  • Lurlene pattern: Plain girls get to have cute boyfriends/husbands. Rich girls get to have nothing.
  • Jake still was kinda distant towards Dawn. But I do feel kinda sorry for the kid. Especially since he moves at the start of the 9th grade/freshman year.
  • Even though  I don't like this book so much, I gotta admit, it was pretty good. Especially during the camp scene moments.      


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